Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Protecting and creating sustainable growth

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a movement that is growing rapidly, and one which now impacts on virtually every sector.

In our clients’ worlds, it refers to the long-term sustainability (and success) of an organisation; an attitude towards the environment, society, and decision-making. In short, the organisation will do well, by doing good.

Womble Bond Dickinson has a robust and thorough understanding of the complexities behind ESG, and the industry policies which also underpin the market standard for what 'good' looks like.

We are trusted advisors, supporting you in the design and pursuit of business strategies which are impacted by the vast array of issues that fall under the ESG umbrella.

Those issues range from climate change and protection of natural resources to equality, diversity and inclusion, safeguarding, modern slavery; data protection, executive compensation, risk management and operational hygiene factors.

We are on hand to support, protect and help create your company's sustainable growth.

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"Our energy for this topic derives from a deep desire to help our clients sleep well at night, coupled with our own commitment to doing the right thing. By applying our expertise, we are helping our clients unlock their potential to grow and thrive. And by applying the highest standards of professionalism, business ethics and risk management, we are building sustainable practices within WBD and long-term relationships with our clients.”

Tracy Walsh, UK Board Member, Head of ESG Taskforce