An essential requirement of every single company across the globe, the importance of ensuring you remain legally compliant with all regulatory controls that affect your business, products or services cannot be overstated. For new start-up and worldwide corporations alike, this responsibility can be incredibly daunting but, with the assistance of specialist compliance lawyers and regulatory legal solicitors from Womble Bond Dickinson, you confidently conduct business, safe in the knowledge that your compliance duties are taken care of.

Implemented with the purpose of ensuring staff and consumer rights are respected, any environmental risks are minimised and the strength of industry infrastructure is protected, regulatory legislation and frameworks are, understandably, constantly under review. While this ensures that regulations remain constantly in-line with governmental and international laws, the constant evolution and updates made are near-impossible to remain aware of without the diverse experience and expertise of specialist compliance lawyers. 

Legal compliance and regulatory law specialisms

The Womble Bond Dickinson regulatory law team is experienced across the full spectrum of UK, US and EU antitrust and competition law, international trade and related regulations, environment, health and safety regulation and product compliance law. Our industry-specific advice is delivered to clients from all of Womble Bond Dickinson’s served sectors, giving them a fully-tailored service which takes into account the size and severity of risks associated with their specific goals.

Having served clients operating within highly-regulated industries over the decades, our regulatory solicitors and compliance lawyers have developed extensive experience in navigating these regulatory complexities. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of legal service across even the most complex industries, such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, and transport and infrastructure sectors, as well as those detailed below:

  • Gaming: We assist US, UK and Caribbean gaming industry clients with legal compliance, licensing, criminal defense, civil litigation, intellectual property protection and government contracting
  • Communications, technology and media: Our interdisciplinary team of regulatory solicitors has considerable experience in telecom and broadband, cable, broadcast, spectrum matters, program distribution and technology industries. We continue to advise on any types of legal, business and regulatory issues in the communications, technology and media sectors, including regulatory compliance and enforcement, government support programs, commercial and network transactions, M&A and financings, facilities deployment, accessibility, and telemarketing compliance.

Regulatory solicitors and compliance lawyer services

At Womble Bond Dickinson, our legal regulation team provides regular advice and services to our clients to ensure that they retain their legally compliant status at all times. Our regular services include helping companies establish compliance programs and conducting internal investigations to assess relevant regulatory law, as well as representing clients with our highly skilled and knowledgeable litigators when disputes do occur.

In order to help us achieve our goal of maintaining legal compliance for our clients, while helping them conduct their business profitably, we focus on the following areas:

  • Competition, antitrust and trade regulations: Our team has decades of experience helping companies establish and defend advanced distribution, regulatory compliance, marketing and pricing strategies. Our compliance lawyers work closely with clients on supply chain relationships, licensing, antitrust and franchise compliance and mergers and acquisitions. During rare instances in which disputes arise, our litigators protect our clients in all aspects of antitrust, competition and trade litigation, whether against private parties or government entities
  • Government contracting and cross-border trade: This specialist regulatory law team helps clients navigate the risks of contracting with government entities, entering governmental funding or grant arrangements and managing cross-border transactions and global supply chains. We advise clients on export and trade sanctions laws as well as compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Anti-Bribery law
  • Environment, health, and safety: We have class-leading capability in supporting industrial and commercial businesses in relation to the full spectrum of environmental and workplace health and safety law, including providing strategic and operational compliance advice, representation in regulatory enforcement action and civil proceedings (including mass torts) and risk management advice in transactions
  • Product compliance and liability: We have significant experience supporting businesses with all aspects of product regulation from research and development, product launches and claims, labelling, advertising and marketing, compliance requirements (including CE marking), through to investigations and proceedings brought by enforcement authorities, civil and commercial claims, as well as product recalls and withdrawals
  • Food and beverage regulation: We represent retail, hospitality and leisure businesses in relation to all aspects of alcohol licensing law, including in license application proceedings, appeals, and judicial challenges.

It is the unavoidable responsibility of business and companies across every sector and from all over the world to ensure they remain entirely legally compliant. If you’re looking to access regulatory services from a leading compliance law firm, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply contact us online by filling out our straightforward form and we’ll connect you with the right person to assist you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to contact a member of our legal compliance team directly, you can browse through our list of regulatory lawyers and professional staff online.