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Sin Eaters, Moles, and Eternal Damnation: Europe’s Quasi-Religious War Against U.S. Internet Companies

Aug 15 2018
The belief that privacy is a fundamental human right is currently held as an essential tenet for managing European society. This belief is held so deeply among European privacy regulators, presented in such moral and ethical language, and protected with such vehemence against opposing views and practices, that it seems to have become an item of pure faith. The “right to privacy” as defined by regulators has become a semi-religious European principal for maintaining a civilized society.

John Garziglia: When Do Radio Shows Cross the Line into Irresponsible Content?

Aug 13 2018
Recently, YouTube, Facebook and Apple all decided to remove content from inflammatory broadcaster Alex Jones. Should that be a red flag to the 114 radio stations carrying Jones’ show that they, too, should disassociate themselves with the Info Wars founder? Womble Bond Dickinson attorney John Garziglia addresses this question, and the larger question of inappropriate content, in a new op-ed for Radio Ink. The