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The capacity market - Tempus State Aid judgement

20 Nov 2018
A decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) means that the Government: 
- may not run the 2019 capacity market auctions;
- may not make payments under existing capacity market agreements
- may have to recover sums paid under existing capacity market agreements

What does Brexit look like now for financial services?

20 Nov 2018
It seems as though it has been a long, long time since the referendum on membership of the European Union: an interminable period of speculation, rumour, threats, dire forebodings. And somehow very little certainty at all about what life will look like after March 2019, ie the date specified in the UK’s notification of triggering Article 50. After March 2019, the UK will (in all likelihood) exit the European Union. We are still in the dark about much of what will result from Brexit for many areas of life. For the financial services and insurance sectors, an optimist might say the picture is becoming slightly clearer. In this article, Roseyna Jahangir, looks at where we are as of 18 November 2018.

Crown Commercial Service appoints WBD to key legal panel

19 Nov 2018
WBD has been appointed to the Crown Commercial Service new £320m wider public sector legal services panel. WBD has been appointed for two of the five lots under this framework which includes the full-service panel for England and Wales and the transport (rail) UK wide panel.

No deal: or no Brexit?

15 Nov 2018
The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, emerged from a five hour meeting on 14 November to announce that she had secured "collective decision" by the Cabinet to support the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement. It was immediately clear the "collective decision" was by no means unanimous, and the morning of 15 November saw several resignations, including that of Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab.