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Recent insights

Construction 2021: a year in review

09 Dec 2021
Simon Rowland, Partner and Head of Construction and Engineering and Michelle Essen, Managing Associate at law firm Womble Bond Dickinson, take a look at the events of 2021 and the potential challenges and opportunities that the sector could be presented in 2022.

FCA clarifies plans for a new Consumer Duty

08 Dec 2021
Following its initial consultation in Q2 this year (CP21/13), the FCA has published a second consultation on its plans for a new Consumer Duty (CP21/36). This second consultation expands on the FCA's proposals and also sets out feedback to the first consultation paper, together with the FCA's response.

Mental health and safety in construction: what businesses should know

07 Dec 2021
When you think of health and safety in construction, it's common for issues around physical health and safety to leap to mind. After all, construction work involves large machinery, heavy lifting, and labour-intensive processes. But health and safety is also about mental health, an area in which the construction industry's track record has historically been weaker.

COVID rent arrears and part 36 offers

03 Dec 2021
In the latest judgment in the long-running London Trocadero (2015) LLP v Picture House Cinemas Ltd litigation over COVID rent arrears, the Court has dealt with various issues arising out of the landlord's part 36 offer made to the tenant and its guarantor before proceedings were issued.

MMC can be scalable and profitable whilst delivering social value

01 Dec 2021
Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is badged as the sector's opportunity to cultivate a more sustainable future - both financially, with faster capital release and the driving down of costs, and environmentally, supporting the race to carbon-free living. However, significant barriers to creating viable, scalable, and tangible growth projects still remain.