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New product compliance rules for businesses exporting to the EU and NI

06 May 2021
New rules will prohibit certain goods from being sold in the European Union (EU) and Northern Ireland (NI) unless an economic operator established in either the EU or NI is identified as being responsible for certain product compliance matters. The new rules apply from 16 July 2021 and will impact exports to the EU and NI, including those from Great Britain, as explained below.

Financial Services Act: key changes before Royal Assent

06 May 2021
​​​​​​​Both core elements of the United Kingdom’s post-Brexit framework as well as some more political areas of concern are addressed in this wide-ranging piece of legislation. Emma Radmore and Lucy Hadrill discuss debates, changes and additions from the Bill as originally published.

Brexit and .eu domain names

05 May 2021
From 1 January 2021, certain undertakings, organisations and individuals based in the UK became ineligible to hold or register a .eu domain name. 

Colin v Cuthbert - PR as a tool in legal battles

27 Apr 2021
"Colin the Caterpillar" was officially trade marked in 2008. A little over 10 years later, Aldi started selling Cuthbert the Caterpillar. Marks & Spencer has this month filed a claim against Aldi claiming Aldi's Cuthbert has violated its intellectual property in Colin. Notably, Marks & Spencer has not yet brought claims against the other retailers who also sell caterpillar cakes. Aldi will be asked to remove Cuthbert from its shelves and to refrain from selling similar products in the future. In response, Aldi has announced that it intends to sell a limited edition version with profits going to charity and has asked if "Colin and Cuthbert [can] be besties".