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Dreamvar – now a recurring nightmare?

18 May 2018
A common place fraud occurs: an imposter sells a property that it does not own and disappears with the sale proceeds. The purchaser now has neither its money nor the property. But the solicitors and estate agents acting for the parties had no idea the seller was an imposter - are all or any of them liable to the purchaser? The High Court put the solicitors in the firing line in two cases from 2016. The Court of Appeal has just handed down judgment on appeals on those decisions and it is not good news for solicitors or their insurers.

Changes to how to make a change

17 May 2018
The Supreme Court (the UK's highest court) has made an important ruling on how contracts can be varied. This is highly relevant to the Manufacturing sector, where supply chain relationships often span many years and evolve over time without formal written variations being entered into.