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International Innovation Week: AI in Business—Use and Ethics

23 Mar 2018
Artificial intelligence, or AI, already is a part of everyday life, and its impact goes beyond Siri and Alexa—companies increasingly are turning to AI to process information, interact with customers and make key business decisions. This growing reliance on AI creates new legal questions, many of which have yet to be answered.

The future of the defined benefit system: evolution not revolution?

21 Mar 2018
The Government has finally published its long-awaited White Paper, Protecting Defined Benefit Pension Schemes. The first half of the White Paper contains proposals intended to protect defined benefit (DB) pension schemes from " the small number of employers" prepared to abuse them and to improve the DB scheme funding framework. The proposals in these sections build on the existing system and aim to influence behaviour with the long-stop of new penalties for bad behaviour.

AIG and Womble Bond Dickinson's first steps in efficient automation

20 Mar 2018
For many in-house teams, the volume of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that need to be processed can cause serious operational bottlenecks. This case study by Catrin Griffiths from The Lawyer, examines how our partnership with AIG has reworked the system by demonstrating that a small pilot scheme can lead to a series of process improvements.