Energy transition

Spotlights on the UK's net zero narrative

We know that energy transition is fast-paced, complex and 
ever-changing, but can you keep up? 

In our 2024 Energy Transition Outlook Survey Report, boardroom executives of energy giants and utilities, as well as leading investors from the UK, continental Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America, all reported significant changes across the industry – as it enters a new phase in its net zero journey.

Do you want to stay ahead of the energy transition curve, but feel overwhelmed by all the information on net zero strategies? 

With local expertise across eight UK cities, cross-sector insights, and extensive knowledge of the energy sector; we can help you make sense of recent industry developments and how they'll impact your business and the wider UK market.

Whether you're just starting your plans or you're looking to deepen your transition strategy, our spotlights video series highlights UK investment opportunities and challenges, policies and regulation, and initiatives and schemes for renewable energy technologies.

Who knows, watching one of our videos could be the lightbulb moment for your business' journey to net zero.

Spotlight topics

Are you thinking about sustainable use and repurposing of land? Chris McLauchlan explains rewilding, the ESG overlap and the funding options available. Watch here >

Many factors are affecting energy projects in the UK. Vicky McCombe discusses the cost and economic impacts on the energy transition and the solutions being implemented. Watch here >

Room for two? Paul Mason explains the advantages co-location presents for energy projects and how to approach this. 
Watch here >

Is there opportunity in the UK for hydrogen projects? Find out more about which hydrogen and why with Alex Chapman. Watch here >

Want to learn more about energy transition for your business? Browse all of our spotlight video topics below:

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