We know that brand reputation is critical to the success of any business. Particularly in the retail and leisure sectors.

From our offices across the UK we work with national and international retailers, healthcare, travel and financial services providers on all aspects of consumer law, compliance and liability issues.

With expertise spanning all areas of consumer law we work hard to minimise risk, protect your brand and help you to anticipate the challenges that could slow down your success and growth.  

Our work spans contractual issues, B2C and B2B terms and conditions, doorstep and e-commerce issues, consumer credit, data protection, product and services claims and product developments in light of legislative changes. We also provide robust, clear direction in handling prosecutions and other regulatory enforcement actions, and civil consumer disputes.
We understand that consumers are increasingly international - border-less, even. That’s why each one of our specialists has in-depth understanding and knowledge of both existing and upcoming EU and UK consumer law.  

But most importantly, it matters to us that we deliver a client experience that gets results. We’re frequently called on to help formulate policy and future legislation. To shape the future of the law in this field. We’re asked to participate in the consultation process on new legislation as well as developing guidance for clients. Whether protecting your brand, when under threat, or planning for industry wide changes, you can trust us to be by your side at every step.