A brand can be a business' most valuable asset. It is used to identify a business amongst its competitors, to attract customers and to convey its values. Effective brand protection strategies – dealing with creation, clearance, registration, licensing, and policing –  are crucial to achieving these aims.

Our team knows brand protection involves more than securing registered trade mark protection. We have acted as the sole legal advisers on strategy behind some internationally-acclaimed brands (and re-brands), across a range of sectors. Our holistic approach enables us to guide clients through the entire life-cycle of a brand.   

We work with businesses from the outset, conducting clearance searches, and filing and prosecuting trade mark applications, through to handling oppositions and invalidity actions. We have experience implementing licensing structures, and working with clients to build their brand portfolios. 

We advise on tackling brand misuse and enforcement, in physical and online marketplaces, as well as on company and domain name disputes. 

Our work includes: 

  • managing international filing strategies for Bounce Foods
  • working with Old Mutual Wealth on global filing strategy to protect its well-known brands
  • advising Jemella Group on establishing its 'best of class' anti-infringement protocols for its iconic 'ghd' brand. 
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