With the ever increasing demands around workflow, automation and data collection in claims handling, having state of the art and fully supportive claims technology is integral. WBD Claims aims to be innovative and ahead of the field in this area. Our offering is powered by Virtualfiles – a market-leading claims management platform. It allows us to meet all of our clients' requirements around claims handling.

As well as providing our own handlers with a system that allows them to focus on handling the actual claims, Virtualfiles gives clients an unrivalled level of remote access. This includes the ability to see:

  • all individual claims being handled
  • an informative summary of each claim accompanied by full claims documentation
  • a repository of MI reports
  • all outstanding tasks within the team
  • an interactive summary of the account.

This offering has been created through extensive research into the challenges our claims handlers face when dealing with claims, the difficulties encountered by clients who outsource their claims handling and how technology can help the claims process.

Multi-party access also allows for a much more collaborative approach between the WBD Claims team and our clients, with a secure system protecting client data. The system has been meticulously designed to focus on flexibility and handling the specific needs of the client. The WBD Claims team will also work with the client to guarantee that any individual requirements are set within the service level agreement workflows. Reporting will also be tailored, including the ability to communicate directly with our clients' internal systems, allowing for streamlined data exchange processes.

To find out more about how WBD Claims, powered by Virtualfiles, can assist please get in touch.


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