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Thousands of jobs to be created as first two UK carbon capture projects unveiled

20 Oct 2021
The UK Government has announced that the Hynet and East Coast Clusters are the two projects being prioritised as part of its carbon capture and storage (CCUS) Track One. Based on the North West coast and in Humber and Teesside respectively, these projects will not only contribute to the UK’s net zero ambitions, but have the potential to offer regional decarbonisation benefits in two of the most traditionally industrial regions in the UK.

Mapping the path to net zero

29 Sep 2021
On 22 September 2021 the Environmental Audit Committee held an oral evidence session that provided a number of indications on the likely timing of the publication of the promised documents and government initiatives.

Carbon capture UK: what’s next?

07 Sep 2021
With the carbon capture (CCUS) Track-1 cluster announcement due in October, there is a growing sense of anticipation in the green energy industry. Richard Cockburn, head of energy, explains the latest state of play for CCUS in the UK and looks at what’s coming next.

MMC: time to set the standard

07 Sep 2021
Buyers of factory-built homes face a reduced choice of lenders and unfavourable conditions – which is why we urgently need an industrywide MMC standard, argues Ian Atkinson.

Unlocking private investment for Carbon Capture (CCUS)

12 Aug 2021
Carbon capture (CCUS) schemes need to prove they are viable on an industrial scale before they can attract investment, yet they need to attract investment in order to prove they are viable. So where will the funding come from to get these schemes off the ground? Richard Cockburn and Matt Lewy explain.

Embracing the CCUS revolution and backing our carbon capture clusters

04 Aug 2021
The UK could be on the verge of a carbon capture revolution, and the opportunities are incredible – if the right levels of collaboration can be found to progress them. The UK Government plans to select at least two sites, known as clusters, to be set up in the UK by the mid-2020s for carbon capture and storage (CCS). Selected clusters will have a phenomenal opportunity to attract investment, to develop infrastructure and to build skills over the next decade and beyond.