WBD Cipher

A cost-effective solution to resolving data privacy related claims and class actions delivered through our WBD Advance service

Data and privacy litigation is one of the fastest growing contentious areas in the UK and globally. 

Personal data is a valuable commodity which is being generated, gathered and stored at an unprecedented rate. Businesses that handle personal data face an increased risk of data breach incidents, and exposure to claims from data subjects.

At Womble Bond Dickinson, we know that with the involvement of specialist claimant law firms and the developments in data protection laws and regulations, these claims can be difficult to manage in-house but costly to outsource.

Our service aims to deal with that dilemma by providing a cost effective, outsourced, solution to resolving claims for breach of data protection and privacy law.

Using our experience of dealing with other high volume claims, we have set up a dedicated data claims team in WBD Advance. The team comprises of paralegals who will provide day-to-day management of claims. They will be supervised and take their lead from experienced litigation lawyers embedded in the team, who will also assess claims and agree upon a strategy with you. Other WBD Advance colleagues will provide technology tools for managing multiple claims and providing management information and reporting as needed. This model enables us to deliver high quality to your claims, but at an affordable cost.

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Our services

Our service is scalable and flexible to your business needs. Our team can help you agree strategies for dealing with claims in line with your business priorities. We can work with you to tackle isolated or numerous individual claims, or bulk claims arising from a single data incident. In each case, new instructions will be assessed by our expert data litigation solicitors, who will also be on hand to support and advise on bespoke issues as needed.

Cost-effective outsourcing for data claims
Streamlined approach
Flexible and scalable

Once reviewed by our experienced data litigation solicitors, our dedicated data claims team will work with you to agree a strategy to manage the data claim or claims to a resolution. This will reflect your business needs and the complexity of the matter, whilst handling your data claims at a competitive rate.

Claimant law firms will often use the same arguments and tactics over and over, we have pooled our experience and knowledge and can now deliver efficient handling and defence as appropriate, without reinventing the wheel on each new claim. 

We know that data claims can be time consuming, with fast-moving deadlines, or alternatively can be dragged out by claimant law firms. Our dedicated team are well resourced to efficiently manage single one-off claims, a number of individual claims, or packages of hundreds of claims, at a time.