WBD Advance

A flexible solution bringing together innovative technology and commercial services that complement our existing legal advice

We know that your needs are changing.

As well as advice on legal matters, there will be times you require our help to design high quality, cost effective processes to deliver legal work and resolve wider and complex business issues.

WBD Advance is built around a multi-disciplinary team with the ability to discover and apply innovative solutions from a different perspective. Our team of more than 100 lawyers, project managers, technologists, data analysts, knowledge managers and operations professionals will work together with you to develop and deliver effective ways of working.

WBD Advance can help you with large volume projects, process design, project and risk management; using data and knowledge, raising capability and with flexible resource. After careful diagnosis of the issues, we will deliver targeted, cost-effective solutions to the challenges that you are facing. 

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Process flow
Project management
Advanced insight

A team of over 70 paralegals and legal executives, project managers, data analysts and client co-ordinators, using flexible resourcing and time-saving technology to deliver a high-quality, cost-effective service for large scale volume projects. For example: e-disclosure; commercial or real estate due diligence contract review, remediation and production; lower risk employment tribunal work; helpline operation; and the legal work needed to facilitate other large transformation or restructuring projects.

Our clients often run big operations with complex work and data flows needed to complete projects. Looking closely at these process flows is central to reducing waste, increasing value, and managing risk. Using the insight gained through working with different client organisations, and knowledge of our own working practices, we are able to design optimised processes, ensuring that work is done at the right level, leveraging the right technology. 

Skilled business and data analysts can either work alongside in-house teams, or can be deployed when there is no specialist in-house resource, to optimise work flows and help clients streamline their operations.

Good project planning and management is an essential component of delivering complex work on time, to budget and at the right quality.

We recognise that many of our clients routinely use project management methodologies at a commercial level, and need their legal teams and advisers to do the same. 

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel so we are using tried and tested, best practice project and risk management approaches and tools to make sure that the work we deliver on some our largest projects for clients dovetails with their own project organisation. 

When our clients don’t have extensive capability themselves we can deploy our qualified Project Managers and analysts to help with planning and with risk mapping.

Staying up to date and compliant with the law is key to business survival – get it wrong and the impact can be catastrophic for business.

We place a partnering approach at the heart of our insight services and work with our clients to devise, manage and deliver bespoke knowledge management products, and research to advance and protect their business.

We deliver expert, strategic and commercial insight into legal, market and regulatory developments and trends. But insight comes from data too.

We provide useful, actionable insights from the data we hold on client matters on which we have been instructed, and we provide that through channels and in formats to suit them.

Increasingly, this goes way beyond straightforward matter progress reporting, towards using data to predict outcomes and to help determine the right commercial approach to business problems. Through partnering with AI technologists we are driving real value for our clients.

Our clients often have a need for seconded lawyers to increase their in-house capacity or to cover gaps.

They also need to have access to secondees at reasonable cost. GCSolutions offers affordable, scalable services staffed by highly qualified lawyers.

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