Making large-scale redundancies?

WBD Navigate will guide you through this complex process

Large-scale redundancies are very different when compared to making redundancies at a smaller level.

Making more than 20 employees redundant is a challenging process and getting it wrong could cost your business millions. 

Our research shows that 42% of employers plan to make redundancies in 2023. But, 16% of employers and HR professionals don’t understand the redundancy process.
What could happen if redundancies go wrong?


What is the cost of getting it wrong. Pricing example showing the calculation

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How to get it right

Womble Bond Dickinson's employment law experts will help you with the ‘how’, so that you can focus on getting it done, whilst getting it right.

WBD Navigate is an all-in-one, fixed-cost digital solution and consultancy support service that’s easy to use, scalable and gives you the assurance that your organisation’s legal risks will be well-managed by following the right redundancy processes.

With template documents, clear and concise guidance, and relevant legal insight, WBD Navigate gives you the right solution and best practices to follow.

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Managed redundancy service

Meet with one of our change management specialists to agree the best way to map your business' redundancy process. Connect with us to book your appointment.

WBD Navigate is an online, easy to use, fixed-fee redundancy toolkit and knowledge resource that supports employers through large-scale redundancies.

We have built WBD Navigate so that every business can benefit from it - regardless of the size, cost and complexity of the redundancy, and your budgets.

To find out more about WBD Navigate and how we can help you, contact us.

Our employment law experts can partner up with you to fully manage your redundancy process. We will ensure you comply with all large-scale redundancy laws, and deliver your redundancies in an empathetic, respectful and compliant way. Interested? Find out more.

For anything more, our experienced employment law team includes several change management specialists who can guide you on the right path to plan and manage any large-scale redundancy process.

If this is a process you haven’t previously undertaken, or haven’t done for some time, it’s worth investing time in understanding
recent changes to today’s workforce, their expectations of their employers and HR teams, and how this might impact your approach to redundancies and related redudancy packages.