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Recent insights

The push for electric vehicles

15 Nov 2019
The effect we are having on the environment has never before been so at the fore of our political discussion. A majority of voters place the environment as one of their greatest concerns alongside Brexit. According to the Office for National Statistics in 2018, carbon emissions from transport accounted for 33% of all carbon emission. The large majority of this was from road transport. A major focus for all parties is moving to more ultra-low emission vehicles. But how do they plan on achieving this?

A key priority for MEPs remains citizens' rights

13 Nov 2019
The EU press release confirms that the Brexit Steering Group met with several committees to consider the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) on citizen's rights. The focus was on the implementation in the UK and in the EU-27 of the citizens' rights provisions contained within part II of the WA. 

HS2 becomes an election issue

13 Nov 2019
In his September HS2 progress update to the House of Commons on 3 September 2019, Grant Shapps has stated that the cross-party review would: "report this autumn.", that he [Grant Shapps] would discuss the report with the PM and that it would inform decisions on next steps.