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Recent insights

WBD named as top 50 most innovative law firm by Financial Times

17 Sep 2019
Womble Bond Dickinson (WBD) has been recognised in the FT Innovative Lawyer Awards Europe 2019 and ranked 33rd in the FT's Top 50 Most Innovative Law Firms. The FT Innovative Lawyers Report represents a unique analysis of the legal industry through interviews, extensive research and analysis including robust client, independent and expert references.

A brief note on Brexit court rulings

11 Sep 2019
On 17 September the UK Supreme Court will be required to choose between, or somehow reconcile, different decisions of the English High Court and the Scottish Court of Session on the lawfulness of Prime Minister Johnson's decision to prorogue Parliament.

Brexit: defaulting to "no deal"

09 Sep 2019
Even with royal assent, the emergency legislation that completed its House of Lords stages on 6 September cannot definitively rule out a "no deal" Brexit. Indeed, its terms simply provide a 19 October deadline for further steps to be taken in the House of Commons.

Working around the pensions tax problem?

05 Sep 2019
Waiting lists for routine surgery are reported to have risen by up to 50% in England because consultants have begun refusing to work beyond their planned hours after receiving unexpected tax bills, following new pension rules in 2016.

Brexit: election roulette?

05 Sep 2019
In the early hours of 5 September the government conceded that it will not use delaying tactics in the House of Lords to block the passage of the Bill designed to avert a "no deal" Brexit. The Bill completed its House of Commons stages on 4 September, and time has been reserved on 9 September for the House of Commons to consider any Lords' amendments. The House of Commons has then resolved to delay any adjournment up to 11 September until the Speaker has reported Royal Assent.