WBD is taking part in the upcoming South West Business Council (SWBC) Quarterly Conference looking at smart cities. Focused on the cities of Plymouth, Exeter and Bristol, the conference will explore the opportunities to co-create a smart city region for sustainable growth, jobs and quality of life across the South West.

Taking place on Thursday 6 December at Exeter Racecourse, "SMART CITY REGION 2.0 –SOUTH WEST 2050” will bring together senior representatives from the public, private and third sectors to share new developments, research and best practice in Smart Cities. They will also discuss the significant challenges facing cities in the region and across the UK including the housing crisis, skills shortages and poor productivity amidst Brexit uncertainty, a shifting international geo-political landscape and accelerating climate change.

Jonathan Bower, Partner at WBD, will be amongst the keynote speakers at the event, taking part in the "Greening the Built Environment" session and looking at opportunities brought by carbon free buildings, electric vehicles, distributed power, community energy, green and blue Infrastructure.

Jonathan Bower comments:

"The unprecedented pace of technological change means that our infrastructure systems – transport, communications, agriculture, energy and health will be utterly transformed. It will require new policy and regulatory frameworks. We will need a collaborative approach to overcome the challenges ahead to make the most of the opportunities that globalisation 4.0 will bring. The South West Business Council is gathering together future-oriented stakeholders. WBD is looking forward to exploring the opportunities to co-create a smart city region for sustainable growth, jobs and quality of life across the South West drawing on our experience and expertise from our offices in Bristol and Plymouth, nationally and in the US. By contributing to a community of shared interest we will be better placed to identify the requirements for a future approach in the South West."

Robin Daniels, CEO at the South West Business Council adds:

"With a stellar line-up of speakers we will discuss best practice around the world, the opportunities for integrated planning, cooperation and technological innovation and the kind of region that we want to leave to the next generation."    

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