A charity dedicated to supporting victims of abuse has found a new home after receiving pro bono support from Womble Bond Dickinson (WBD).

Blackburn-based Humraaz, known for its unwavering commitment to supporting individuals affected by domestic abuse, forced marriage, and other forms of violence, recently embarked on a project seeking a new women's refuge, an initiative which promises a sanctuary for those at the highest risk, offering not just shelter but a stepping stone to a safer, healthier future.

WBD’s Real Estate and Charity teams are proud to have helped deliver this result for Humraaz and the individuals it supports. Led by Associate Nazmin Akthar and supported by Kristie Miller, Sally Cooper, Tess Dupont, Sarah Gowan, Sarah Young, Abigail Langstaff, and Sophia Di Xiao, the team worked tirelessly to negotiate lease terms and conduct due diligence to ensure the refuge meets the urgent needs of its service users. The team's efforts underscore the importance of accessible, reliable legal support for charities like Humraaz.

Nazmin Akthar commented: 

"It is our social responsibility to extend free legal support to those who need it the most. Our work with Humraaz is a reflection of our dedication to making a difference in the community and ensuring that those most vulnerable are protected and empowered."

Firoza Mohmed, chief executive officer of Humraaz, added: 

"The expertise provided by Womble Bond Dickinson has been crucial in establishing this refuge. Their pro bono work has not only aided us legally but has also inspired hope for a brighter future among those we serve. Pro bono support to small charities and charity trustees, who may not have the legal expertise they need but simply cannot afford to pay for specialist legal advice, is vital to organisations like ours."

WBD's dedication to social responsibility extends beyond this project. Nazmin emphasised the firm's broader vision of supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals: 

"Safe and affordable housing is a societal cornerstone. Our work with Humraaz is part of a larger effort to ensure everyone has access to the housing they need and deserve. It is about creating a community where safety is a given, not a privilege. We see it as an honour to have been able to support Humraaz with such a worthwhile cause."