Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What are the legal implications of the outbreak?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a dramatic impact on people, governments, businesses and supply chains across the world.

 We are actively monitoring the situation; providing insights on the legal implications of this evolving threat to the global economy.


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Videos and webinars

Crisis management for employers

Employment law specialist, Jo Martin, provides tips on how to triage your assets to make the best cost-saving decision for your business during this time of COVID-19.

Health and safety

What are your legal duties as an employer when it comes to health and safety regulations on the back of the COVID-19 outbreak?

Ashley Borthwick provides a concise view from a legal perspective.

Proactively managing business risk

Businesses across all sectors are having to make difficult and unprecedented decisions to help maintain and preserve business continuity.

Jonathan Dunkley identifies three key areas to proactively manage business risk.

Employment issues

The COVID-19 outbreak is going to lead to months of uncertainty for employers, with many having to grapple with making some very difficult decisions.

Tim Woodward talks about sick pay, having to send employees home from work and the impact of school closures.

Preparing your personal contingency plan

COVID-19 has raised a number of concerns for our clients, not just in business, but with their personal matters.

Edward Stone explains how we can help you prepare for your personal contingency plan; be that amending or setting a will, sorting out powers of attorney or providing access to documents that make your wishes known to others that are important to you.

How can you keep contracting with your customers in light of coronavirus outbreak?

Lucy Pringle provides her top three tips to help businesses with new customer contracts in light of the everchanging economic landscape due to the coronavirus.

What does the impact of COVID-19 mean for commercial landlords and tenants?

From walking away from lease liabilities to withholding rent payments, Philip Knight talks through the possible legal implications of COVID-19 for commercial landlords and tenants in the real estate sector. 

Dealing with existing contracts

With the recent outbreak, Stephen Dilley talks about how COVID-19 will affect your existing contracts. The main points covered include:

  1. Termination rights
  2. Force majeure provisions
  3. Frustration.

Entering into new contracts as a customer

Despite the coronavirus, your business will still need to buy goods and services. Understandably you may be nervous entering into new contracts with suppliers. Lucy Pringle provides her top tips.

Navigating the short-term legal challenges of COVID-19

This complimentary recording of the Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP recent webinar discusses the short-term legal challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. Topics include:

  • Privacy and cyber security
  • Employment 
  • Commercial contracts
  • Force majeure and contractual defences.

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