From 8 June 2020, a 14 day self-isolation requirement will be introduced for anyone travelling to England from outside and within the Common Travel Area (UK, Ireland and Islands).

What will I need to do?

You will need to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form 48 hours before you arrive. You may be required to show evidence of this to the carrier and/or on arrival to Border Force.

Are there exemptions?

Yes, there is a large list of exemptions and information on those who are not required to complete the form.

What are the penalties if I do not complete the form?

You may be refused permission to enter the UK (if you are not a British citizen), or fined if you do not provide your contact details or do not self-isolate when you arrive in England on or after 8 June 2020.

In England, if you do not self-isolate, you can be fined £1,000. If you do not provide an accurate contact detail declaration – or do not update your contact detail form in the limited circumstances where you need to move to another place to self-isolate – you can be fined up to £3,200.

What about Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

They are expected to introduce separate regulations.

Can I avoid the English self-isolation requirement, by transiting to Ireland or another part of the CTA?

If you are arriving from within the Common Travel Area (CTA) and have been in the CTA for the last 14 days before entering England, you will not need to provide your journey or contact details, or self-isolate for 14 days.

If you are arriving from another part of the CTA and entered the CTA within the last 14 days, you’ll need to provide your journey and contact details. You’ll only have to self-isolate until you have spent a total of 14 days in the CTA.

You can show details of recent travel into the CTA, such as a boarding pass or itinerary, to help confirm whether you entered the CTA in the last 14 days and how long you have spent in the CTA in total.

For further advice, please contact Andrew Tingley.