WBD Clarity

Streamlined technology for managing data subject access requests

Data subject access requests often prove one of the most challenging areas of the GDPR for organisations to manage.

The volume of documents containing personal data is growing and increased publicity of data losses is driving awareness of individual data protection rights. 

To help you manage your requests, meet legal obligations, comply with statutory deadlines and protect the privacy of your customers and employees, we have created WBD Clarity.

WBD Clarity is a safe and secure online solution delivering a cost-effective, repeatable response to DSARs.

Optimised and automated workflows remove the need for manual processing and provide monitoring and tracking that will give you more time to work on what matters most to your business, clients and employees.

WBD Clarity streamlines and speeds up the process of identifying and redacting personal data, saving your organisation both time and money.

Within WBD Clarity you can self-manage your DSARs with the ability to escalate questions to our dedicated team of privacy specialists, or your DSAR can be fully managed by WBD. 

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Benefits of WBD Clarity

Clear tracking of DSAR progress
Effectively reduces the volume of data
Access to WBD specialists
Accurate audit trails
Secure redaction service
  • Monitor real-time intel to help manage workloads across teams
  • Track the volume and progression of DSARs and identify which are at risk of missing deadlines. 
  • Reduce cost by speeding up the review of documents
  • Deduplicate documents, avoiding unrequired email threads and other document types produced by custodians such as legal advisors. 
  • Easy escalation of documents to a WBD privacy specialist via in platform messaging
  • Ability to increase capacity or outsource entire DSARs where there are complex elements through our dedicated legal solutions team and data protection lawyers. 
  • Confidently respond to ICO complaints by keeping an audit trail of decisions throughout the DSAR process
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders from any location, be that from the office or working from home. 
  • Securely redact information to avoid accidental disclosures
  • Option to apply these in transparent mode so they can spot checked prior to disclosure
  • Automatically identify certain types of data and apply redactions to automate the process and speed up review time. 
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