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Supporting professional service firms

The professional service industry operates in a competitive and pressured environment.

From understanding client needs to optimising profit margins, businesses also need to navigate globalisation, ethics, ESG and technological issues to stay ahead of the pack.

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, and instability continues across the global economy, many businesses are reconsidering their vision, purpose and their very future in the marketplace.

Led by Jonathan Blair, former Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP's managing partner, plus partners Ian Holden and Carly Holt, WBD Advisory supports professional service firms on marketplace dynamics, strategic responses and execution routes across the UK and beyond.

WBD Advisory's tailored proposition covers a wide range of services that cater to the needs and aspirations of our clients.

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Core services
Additional consultancy
  • Facilitating the big picture thought process, creation, engagement, roll-out and dissemination of professional service firms' vision and purpose. At different stages, analysis and creation will be critical to any successful business. It is the vision and purpose which dictates the execution route, whether that is the opening of a new office, a domestic merger, strategic alliance, international combination or 'verien'
  • Partner remuneration models. These models and their equitable implementation are essential to the smooth running of any business. From 'black box' to 'open book', from 'eat what you kill' to 'balanced scorecard', no one model is the same and each must be tailored to fit the ambition and culture of a firm
  • Profitability reviews: why do some businesses that provide the 'same' service generate higher profit levels? What are the levers and what can be done to improve profit margin? Our profitability reviews will help you understand your company's P&L in more detail and to critically understand what levers you can pull to improve profit margins… and when. 
  • Internationalisation: in an increasingly connected world, professional service businesses will be looking to expand their reach. How each firm achieves that is unique to each firm and its philosophy. Which steps to take, why and when will all play an essential part in the debate
  • Leadership development: what makes a 'good leader' and what makes a 'great leader'? Can the necessary skills and resilience be taught and how can lawyers achieve their leadership potential to enable their firm to achieve the success it deserves?

WBD Advisory also offers advice on: growth and delivery strategies, change management, communication strategies, growing UK footprint, risk management and partnership disputes; and supports Partners, Managing Partners and CXOs.

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