Sally is an Associate in the Casualty Risks team, specialising in personal injury claims and casualty risks. She has gained an excellent breadth of experience across the entire range of personal injury litigation, spanning a career of 18 years. 

Sally specialises in defending claims on behalf of major insurer and self-insureds arising from employers' liability and public liability matters as well as road traffic accidents, product liability and disease claims. 

She has wide ranging experience of handling claims involving injuries of the utmost severity, fatal accidents, catastrophic injury claims, brain and spinal injury claims, psychological and somatisation disorders and occupational stress and industrial disease claims. She also has experience of handling complex product liability matters and multi-jurisdictional cases. Sally also has experience in handling claims on behalf of Claimants (both individual and corporate) providing her with valuable experience and understanding of the methods and tactics involved in pursuing such claims, resulting in a holistic approach to claims handling.
Sally has a particular interest in advising and conducting defences in relation to potential fraudulent claims, conscious and subconsciously exaggerated claims, pain management syndromes and claims involving complex causation of injuries.


Examples of experience include:

  • Representing a multi-national telecommunications company in the defence of a claim for serious spinal injuries alleged to have been sustained by an employee during the course of a team building event
  • Advising Insurers in the case of a brain injured claimant who suffered significant cognitive impairment following a road traffic accident. Proceedings were issued in the Court of Protection and a Deputy was appointed to handle the Claimant's affairs. Agreeing the instruction of a bespoke Case Manager to co-ordinate care services, instructing Care Experts, Occupational Therapy and Aids and Equipment and life expectancy experts and appropriate Neurosurgical and other medical experts. Attending Round Table Meetings to attempt to negotiate settlement
  • Advising Insurers and product manufacturers in the successful defence of a claim for product liability under the Consumer Protection Act where the product in question was a folding bike that had been incorrectly assembled by the claimant
  • Advising Transport Insurers in the case of a driver of a vehicle who suffered a minor traumatic brain injury and subsequently developed a personality disorder and pseudo-seizures. Obtaining medical evidence from Neurologists, Neurospsychiatrists, Neuropsychologists and Psychiatrists. Managing to negotiate settlement following round table discussions
  • Defending Insurers and Employer/Occupier of Premises in relation to a claim pursued by a groundsman who was rendered paraplegic when a horse chestnut tree fell on him as he worked underneath it. It was alleged that he subsequently died from respiratory complications associated with his paraplegia. Initially advising in relation to insurance policy coverage issues, arranging conferences with arboriculturalists, medical experts and life expectancy experts to minimise the value of the claim as pleaded. Attending Round Table Meetings with all parties to successfully negotiate settlement of the claim and resulting in a significant saving to insurer clients and policyholder
  • Attending police station interviews and Magistrate and Crown Court hearings to represent drivers and employers in connection with potential claims to be pursued against them by the CPS/HSE
  • Advising and representing the UK arm of one of the world's largest public transport providers in relation to a range of high value general litigation matters, including high value and catastrophic claims for injury and loss claimed against them by passengers, employees and third parties
  • Representing and advising one of the largest light railway/tramway operators in Europe in respect of litigation/claims pursued against them, providing advice and assistance in relation to a broad spectrum of litigation matters, including investigation of potentially fraudulent claims
  • Acting on behalf of a range of major UK high street retailers, including one of the largest British-based, international shoe manufacturers and retailers to provide advice and representation and defend claims pursued against them ranging from matters arising as a result of alleged Employers Liability, Public Liability, Consumer Protection Act matters and complaints pursuant to the Consumer Rights Act
  • Providing advice and representation to the UK's largest Trade Unions and their members in relation to liability and claims arising during the course of employment at some of the countries' largest manufacturing and retail plants, advising in relation to working practices and potential working arrangements to minimise potential for Industrial Disease claims and advising generally on employment rights matters
  • Representing international construction companies and their subsidiaries in relation to the defence of litigation pursued against them and to pursue recovery of losses incurred by way of contribution or indemnity and contractual recovery from sub-contractors and co-defendants
  • Advising commercial clients in relation to policy coverage and contractual liability in order to seek to minimise exposure to claims
  • Representing governmental regulatory bodies in relation to the prosecution of HSE breaches/offences and criminal and civil liability arising therefrom