Generative AI has exploded into the mainstream. It is changing the way people work and disrupting entire industries. It also comes with challenges and risks that the business world will need to grapple with. An important first step for businesses is understanding exactly what generative AI is, how it works and how they can utilise it to their advantage. During this event Andrew Parsons, Andrew Kimble and Katie Simmonds will provide an overview on how generative AI is impacting organisations. Join us to hear more on:

  • How is generative AI being used in practice right now? Including coding, development of marketing and other business strategies and customer service content
  • Key considerations for businesses when using AI technologies, including risks, limitations and the importance of leveraging your data
  • How can generative AI bolster businesses' cyber resilience? Including consideration of how attackers may leverage this technology to enhance cyber-attacks
  • An overview of the future regulatory landscape and what this is likely to mean for the advancement of AI technologies.
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