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Shared data environments in the defence industry: the challenge of collaboration

28 Aug 2019
There is an increasing requirement for collaboration on major aerospace & defence projects in order to realise innovation and efficiencies for customers. As a result, one of the biggest challenges facing the aerospace & defence industry is how to establish shared data environments ("SDEs") that enable truly collaborative working whilst protecting the security and integrity of the data they contain. This is especially true in relation to the servicing of large or complex platforms, such as ships and fast jets, where it is common for support work and capability upgrades to be modelled on a digital twin by one contractor before being delivered on the asset by another.

Industry 4.0 and the regulation of artificial intelligence

28 Aug 2018
It is impossible to escape from the fact that technology, and increasingly artificial intelligence (AI), has transformed everyday life. It all started with how we play our music, but Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa (along with other similar virtual assistants) now have a daily interface with many of us. We are also, increasingly, now daily users of the Internet of Things (IoT) – connecting up smart fridges, boilers and alarm systems, each controllable from a smartphone. The everyday form of AI is almost unavoidable in the modern home, but, while not necessarily as obvious to you and me, there is also an ongoing, yet unseen growth in AI in the manufacturing sector. What is still lacking, however, is concrete regulation in place for the use and development of AI in the industry. 

Artificial intelligence versus regulation: friends or foes?

24 Jul 2018
As we stand on the threshold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the landscape ahead includes developments in areas such as blockchain, internet of things, and nanotechnology: developments that are taking place at a faster rate than many of us are able to keep up with – or even easily comprehend.

Expectation or reliance?

21 Sep 2017
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust v Atos IT Services UK Ltd

A recent Supreme Court decision serves as a useful reminder about the importance of achieving clarity in IT contracts, particularly with large implementation projects which can be prone to teething problems.

IWATCH: lightning can strike twice

31 Jul 2017
Global technology giant, Apple, has had mixed results in relation to its attempt to register the word IWATCH as a trade mark in the UK, which faced opposition from Arcadia Trading Ltd on the one hand and Swatch AG on the other.

What are the global trends in the fintech sector

12 Apr 2017
The use of technology clearly continues to be of critical interest to both established financial institutions and new 'challenger' entrants to the market – a trend which is only set to accelerate as we continue to see innovation in payments, identity verification and the use of blockchain, not to mention P2P platforms and the expansion of the challenger banks. As reported recently, for example, our client Atom Bank is leading the way in the equity capital raised by the four biggest UK tech banks (alongside Mozo, Tandem and Starling) which we've been pleased to be involved with.

Telecommunications Code - time for an upgrade?

28 Mar 2017
Given the significant advances in the telecoms industry over the last 30 years, the Government has set about reforming the Existing Code. The Code regulates the basis on which telecoms operators can install apparatus on a landowner's land, and restricts the rights of landowners to rely on the strict terms of any occupancy agreement entered into with telecoms operators. It is therefore highly relevant to landowners and operators alike.