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Face coverings in stores from 24 July – a logical step?

22 Jul 2020
While the Government's announcement on Tuesday 14 July was not a complete surprise, the lack of a properly thought through plan behind the move to compulsory wearing of face coverings in stores and supermarkets has caused some consternation amongst retailers and consumers alike. 

HS2 becomes an election issue

13 Nov 2019
In his September HS2 progress update to the House of Commons on 3 September 2019, Grant Shapps has stated that the cross-party review would: "report this autumn.", that he [Grant Shapps] would discuss the report with the PM and that it would inform decisions on next steps.

Developments in light rail

01 May 2019
The growing popularity of light rail systems across the globe is evident. Operators, passenger transport executives, local authorities and commentators alike are calling for further investment in order to better harness the great opportunities for building on this growth.

Hammond's Budget presents welcoming housing initiatives

30 Oct 2018
The Autumn Budget 2018 made no great fanfare about housing proposals and, in fact, contrary to previous budgets, housing appeared quite far down the agenda and played second fiddle to some more headline-grabbing reforms and "give-aways". That said, there are still some exciting and welcome housing initiatives in the budget albeit the potentially more dramatic changes were simply billed as "coming soon".

Train data: how do we share its benefits?

03 Sep 2018
The Department for Transport (DfT) recently published its 'Joint Rail Data Action Plan' setting out a number of objectives and associated timescales, which an industry-led taskforce will work towards in order to improve the quality and openness of rail data. The plan focuses on train operating companies (TOCs) and other rail entities addressing the following five barriers to wider data sharing.