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Mapping the path to net zero

29 Sep 2021
On 22 September 2021 the Environmental Audit Committee held an oral evidence session that provided a number of indications on the likely timing of the publication of the promised documents and government initiatives.

Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm

10 Sep 2021
Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm has been fully operational since 2007 and comprises 25 wind turbines with a total capacity of 90 MW and provides enough power for over 80,000 homes.

Norfolk Vanguard / Norfolk Boreas (Vattenfall)

09 Sep 2021
Located more than 47km from the Norfolk coast and with an installed capacity of 3.6GW, Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas will provide the equivalent electricity needs of almost 4 million UK homes per year, while saving 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Power from coal: is this the new normal?

08 Sep 2021
Yesterday's trending news story about the GB electricity system operator bringing a coal-fired power station into service has really sparked discussion around 2050 targets. We are in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow, yet yesterday we also saw an inquiry start into a new coal mine in Cumbria. The idea that the UK using a coal-fired plant being newsworthy is in itself interesting, given that in Q1 2006 40% of all our electricity was generated using coal plants and that as recently as 2016 the figure for the whole year was reduced to 9%.

London Array Wind Farm

07 Sep 2021
The London Array is one of the world’s leading offshore wind farms with 175 Siemens 3.6MW wind turbines with a combined capacity of 630MW. The development is a Round 2 offshore wind farm located 20 kilometres off the Kent coast in the outer Thames Estuary.

Carbon capture UK: what’s next?

07 Sep 2021
With the carbon capture (CCUS) Track-1 cluster announcement due in October, there is a growing sense of anticipation in the green energy industry. Richard Cockburn, head of energy, explains the latest state of play for CCUS in the UK and looks at what’s coming next.

East Anglia ONE

05 Sep 2021
The largest wind farm in Iberdrola’s history. East Anglia ONE is the offshore windfarm in which ScottishPower Renewables’ invested £2billion as part of R3. ScottishPower Renewables completed the installation and commissioning of its East Anglia ONE offshore windfarm during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

03 Sep 2021
The south coast’s first offshore wind farm. Completed in 2018 as part of R3, Rampion Offshore Wind Farm generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of almost 350,000 UK homes.