Ryan joined the firm in 2019. Ryan is a Chartered Legal Executive in the Plymouth Recovery+ department, which sits within the firm's Legal Solutions Centre (LSC).

The LSC encompasses a team of embedded lawyers, legal executives, paralegals, apprentices, project managers, data analysts and client co-ordinators. The LSC use flexible resourcing and time-saving technology to deliver a high-quality, cost-effective service for large scale volume projects.

Ryan's key clients encompass sectors such as energy and natural resources and financial institutions.

Ryan commenced his career as a litigation lawyer in 2008 and has progressed his technical and management capabilities since. Ryan's role within the team is to use his significant experience to provide technical supervision and guidance to the team in order to secure commercially successful results for the firm's clients.

  • Supervising a portfolio of debt recovery cases for a major energy company, with claims ranging in value from less than £15,000, to over £500,000. 
  • Supervising actions to successfully enforce judgements by the use of third party debt orders, orders for delivery-up and the seizure of goods, charging orders, orders for sale and the use of bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings.