Murray Greason is semiretired and no longer takes the lead in specific matters.  He remains available to provide advice and counsel to others based on his more than 45 years in private practice.  Murray has participated in literally hundreds of merger, acquisition or corporate reorganization transactions. He has been lead counsel for either the buyer or the seller in over one hundred such transactions ranging in size from less than $100,000 to almost $1 billion and often involving unique tax-planning opportunities. A high percentage of these transactions involved textile/yarn or furniture companies, often negotiated combinations of two closely-held companies or the acquisition of a closely-held or public company by a public company such as Unifi, Sara Lee, Lane or Burlington Industries. Examples include representing Adams-Millis Corporation as it was acquired by Sara Lee, representing RMC Industries in acquiring a series of closely-held cement block companies, a series of acquisitions of closely-held newspaper companies and representing the Wachovia Corporation in its acquisition of First Atlanta Bank and South Carolina National Corporation.

Murray prides himself in being “a deal maker and not a deal breaker” and the fact that he and any acquisition team advised by him will focus upon the business results desired by the client, any important legal problems and pragmatic ways to achieve those results and solve those problems rather than upon unnecessary “process” and worry about theoretical horribles.