As a member of the firm’s eDiscovery team, Joe is experienced in all aspects of the eDiscovery process, beginning with the initial identification and preservation of data through to the production of data to opposing parties and preparations for trial.

Joe combines legal knowledge of disclosure obligations with technical proficiency, so as to advise clients on the efficient handling of data. Joe has also undertaken a secondment with a multinational pharmaceutical company as part of the Global Information and Governance team, focussing on data retention.


Examples of experience include:

  • Using forensic imaging software to interrogate a large dataset, implementing targeted queries and applying various metadata filters to locate potentially relevant documents. By selecting relevant documents based on file types, date ranges, and other metadata, Joe reduced the volume of documents that required further review by over 95%.
  • In a construction dispute, implementing an AI machine learning model to accelerate the identification of relevant documents and prioritize them for the legal team's attention. By harnessing the power of machine learning, Joe significantly reduced the number of documents requiring manual review, while ensuring that crucial information was promptly brought to the forefront.
  • In a large insurance dispute, working closely with a client’s IT team to gain a thorough understanding of the locations in which key data was held. Joe ensured the integrity of the collected data and then processed this into the firm’s eDiscovery platform, using deduplication and email threading to refine the volume of documents.
  • In various disputes, leveraging email threading to identify and group related email conversations together, presenting them in a coherent manner. This has facilitated a more streamlined review process, allowing the legal team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the email communications while reducing the number of individual emails requiring review.
  • Designing a bespoke redaction service for a large public-sector client so as to enable the swift redaction of a large volume of documents. The bespoke process involved the use of mass-redaction capabilities to automate the redaction process by identifying and automatically redacting a set of confidential keywords. Joe used the firm’s e-Discovery software to conduct post-production quality checks and ensure that the data had been redacted in line with the client’s requirements.
  • Hosting training sessions for various clients, internal lawyers and external counsel, providing them with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the firm's e-Discovery platform. These training sessions cover various aspects, including the navigation of the platform's document review features and the use of its collaborative features. These training sessions have enabled clients and external counsel to seamlessly collaborate with the firm.