Cyndy has over 30 years experience practicing in Products Liability, particularly in the area of document discovery management. She has managed document production efforts for large-scale litigation in hundreds of cases. Her practice includes the management of over 100 employees, consisting of attorneys, paralegals and technical staff as well as coordination of review efforts by outside co-counsel. Cyndy has been instrumental in the review and analysis of discovery requests, administration of electronic document preservation, and design of coding taxonomies for data retrieval and tracking. She is skilled in the training and management of staff to optimize efficiencies, output and quality of work product. Cyndy is knowledgeable in documentation procedures to satisfy best practices for proper compliance with federal governmental regulation requests and potential audits. She is wellversed in the utilization of document discovery software and is skilled in complex search techniques for the efficient retrieval of data. Cyndy has a proven ability to problem-solve in order to meet concurrent deadlines in multiple cases.