Join us on 8 September at 10:00am for the second in this series of ongoing seminars (to be held by webinar whilst we are currently unable to host events at the Wilton Centre or our other offices), which will focus on disease claims and how you should deal with them. 

The seminar will be hosted by our leading team of experts in disease claims. 

You will gain an insight into how best to handle such claims and the reasoning behind the calculation of damages awards, as well as practical tips should you receive proceedings.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • An overview of disease claims - including asbestos related claims, Noise Induced Hearing Loss, HAVS and occupational stress
  • What happens when multiple employers are involved
  • Understanding how insurance policies respond to legacy disease claims
  • Importance of document retention
  • How you can best prepare for and deal with legacy claims
  • Occupational health and the HSE — the current emphasis on occupational health and how that is reflected in current enforcement practice
  • COVID-19 – is it an occupational health risk?

The seminar will be of interest to anyone involved in health and safety management and insurance claims, including directors, senior managers, insurance managers, finance officers and in-house lawyers. Please feel free to share with your relevant colleagues. 

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