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Power from coal: is this the new normal?

08 Sep 2021
Yesterday's trending news story about the GB electricity system operator bringing a coal-fired power station into service has really sparked discussion around 2050 targets. We are in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow, yet yesterday we also saw an inquiry start into a new coal mine in Cumbria. The idea that the UK using a coal-fired plant being newsworthy is in itself interesting, given that in Q1 2006 40% of all our electricity was generated using coal plants and that as recently as 2016 the figure for the whole year was reduced to 9%.

Bigger than just ports: Gary Chapman on Freeports

22 Jul 2021
Gary Chapman, Co-head of North regions and Director of industrials and infrastructure at Lloyds Bank, notes that the opportunities created by Freeports extend beyond just the ports themselves. Freeports will lead to investment and opportunities within the free zones, but will also lead to challenges regarding security, limited timescale and collaboration.

Health and safety: key learnings from the pandemic

02 Jul 2021
Our specialist health and safety lawyers reflect on some of the key learnings and principles relating to health and safety risk management arising from queries received during the pandemic. These should act as a reminder of the fundamental principles of effective risk management.

Skills and infrastructure needed: Bill Scott, OBE, on Freeports

29 Jun 2021
Chief executive of Wilton Universal Group, Bill Scott, OBE, is optimistic about the benefits that Freeports could bring to the UK, but is not without reservations. He highlights the preparation that needs to be done, from addressing the skills shortage to investing in the infrastructure of areas where the ports will reside.