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Should dispute resolution be at the "Heart" of every contract?

07 Jul 2020
It's not often that a construction lawyer has cause to consider the world of football, or not this construction lawyer in any event. We are told that we are living in unprecedented times. As we all know, Scotland went into lockdown on 23 March of this year. Tentative steps are now being implemented to restart the economy and get down to the new normal. What won't be restarting though is the 2019/20 SPFL football season. 

Retailers win battle over ATM business rates

21 May 2020
There has been some good news for retailers at last in these challenging trading conditions following the long awaited decision by the Supreme Court in the Cardtronics' case. Following on from the Court of Appeal decision which ruled that ATMs in supermarkets, shops and petrol stations are not separately rateable a decision which was reported to see retailers able to claim business rates rebates of an estimated £300 million the Supreme Court has now dismissed the appeal from the VOA against that earlier decision.

Budget 2020: key points for the financial services industry

11 Mar 2020
The 2020 budget is the first under Boris Johnson's government and includes some interesting elements for the financial services industry. The detail shows the government's ambition to be at the cutting edge of financial regulation and evidences a commitment to ensure the regulatory framework can keep pace with advancing technologies

Budget 2020: key changes to pensions tax relief

11 Mar 2020
Following concerns that pensions tax charges are forcing experienced staff out of the NHS Pension Scheme and impacting services for patients, the Chancellor has today announced measures to increase the point at which the tapering of the annual allowance starts.

Budget 2020: transport and infrastructure in the North East

11 Mar 2020
So the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, promised that his Budget would deliver historic investment in roads, railways and other infrastructure schemes, as the Government looked to "level up" the UK. But using his own political pantomime cry, did the Chancellor ensure that this Budget "gets it done" for transport initiatives here in the North East?

What the Green Party manifesto proposes on pensions

20 Nov 2019
The Green Party released its manifesto on Tuesday which included a number of proposals for the UK pensions systems. Most of these relate to the state side of the pension and care system – for example, including pensioners in the proposed universal basic income system at the higher rate of £178 per week, and the provision of taxpayer funded personal social care for those who require it, mirroring the current Scottish system.