Case studies on our people, clients and the work we do in the places in which we operate.

Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm

10 Sep 2021
Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm has been fully operational since 2007 and comprises 25 wind turbines with a total capacity of 90 MW and provides enough power for over 80,000 homes.

Norfolk Vanguard / Norfolk Boreas (Vattenfall)

09 Sep 2021
Located more than 47km from the Norfolk coast and with an installed capacity of 3.6GW, Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas will provide the equivalent electricity needs of almost 4 million UK homes per year, while saving 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

London Array Wind Farm

07 Sep 2021
The London Array is one of the world’s leading offshore wind farms with 175 Siemens 3.6MW wind turbines with a combined capacity of 630MW. The development is a Round 2 offshore wind farm located 20 kilometres off the Kent coast in the outer Thames Estuary.

East Anglia ONE

05 Sep 2021
The largest wind farm in Iberdrola’s history. East Anglia ONE is the offshore windfarm in which ScottishPower Renewables’ invested £2billion as part of R3. ScottishPower Renewables completed the installation and commissioning of its East Anglia ONE offshore windfarm during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

03 Sep 2021
The south coast’s first offshore wind farm. Completed in 2018 as part of R3, Rampion Offshore Wind Farm generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of almost 350,000 UK homes.

Freeports: lessons from the US

14 Jul 2021
Freeports or Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) as they are referred to in the US are more established and the UK could take insight from the successes and challenges. The key is simplicity, businesses need to understand the benefits to their business.

WBD action case study: helping families through difficult times

26 Nov 2020
After two years of fundraising, in 2019 our Bristol Office reached its ambition of raising £80,000 for St Peter's Hospice. Bristol's only adult hospice caring for 2,000 patients every year. Our support for St Peter's Hospice was inspired by the memory of one of our Bristol based partners, Robert Pope, who passed away in April 2016 and was cared for by the hospice at the end of his life.

WBD action case study: firmwide support for foodbanks

26 Nov 2020
In August 2017, I read an online article about the West End Foodbank in Newcastle. The article highlighted the fact that this foodbank, close to our office, was the most utilised in England, and that the demand for food grew substantially during school holidays. I was aware that there were foodbanks throughout the UK but had no real idea of how they operated, who used them, how we could donate, and how donations are utilised. The article stated that without school meals or breakfast clubs, many children would not receive a hot meal during school holidays, and parents were struggling to feed their families.