No doubt you were affected by it when the Beast from the East swept across the UK a couple of weeks ago, covering the country in hail, snow and ice and disrupting your plans and routines. And you may have heard that there are now fears of a Beast from the East Part 2 this weekend.

Extreme weather conditions can particularly affect construction projects – with sites, works and equipment buried feet deep in snow, or with flooding and burst pipes as the thaw sets in and the ice melts. Projects all around the UK will have been delayed, and costs may have increased particularly if the works have been damaged as a result of the extreme weather. But if you are an employer or contractor under a construction contract, what does your contract say about adverse weather?

We have produced a table in which we give a broad overview of how standard form building contracts (JCT, NEC, ICC and FIDIC) deal with adverse weather - highlighting some key clauses, and providing what we hope is some helpful commentary.