Several pieces of guidance on employment law have been published recently. Here is a summary.

Itemised payslips

From 6 April 2019, employers will have to provide all workers with an itemised payslip, and additional information must be provided for workers whose pay varies depending on the number of hours they have worked. BEIS has published guidance on the new requirement in order to clarify the legislation. It provides case studies and information on the necessary format of payslips. The guidance is here.

Age discrimination

Acas has published new guidance on age discrimination for employers, managers, HR professionals, employees, trade union representatives and job applicants. It aims to help employers manage an age diverse workforce, prevent unfair treatment at work and eradicate bias against older and younger workers. It includes separate documents setting out key points for the workplace, 10 obligations for employers and top 10 myths. You can access it here.

Gender pay gap reporting

The GEO has published two new guides for employers to help them identify potential causes of the gender pay gap in their organisation and develop an effective action plan to tackle it. The guides are entitled "Eight ways to understand your gender pay gap" and "Four steps to develop a gender pay gap action plan". You can read them here. Research commissioned by the GEO found that 69% of employers view closing the GPG as a high or medium priority and 67% of companies are having discussions at board level to find ways of closing the gap. The annual deadline for GPG reports is 30 March for the public sector and 4 April for the private sector.