Jackie Goble has spent her legal career defending clients in product liability and commercial litigation.

With more than two decades of experience helping design, create and implement case management systems, Jackie Goble provides unique value to her clients. As a liaison attorney at the Case Management Facility (CMF), a high-tech legal knowledge management (LKM) system, she has become thoroughly familiar with her clients’ strategic objectives, senior executives and outside counsel. By exchanging ideas with in-house attorneys and their outside counsel, and then partnering with technology vendors, she finds ways to do more work with fewer people. She works through problems with clients, develops a solution, integrates it into CMF processes, and engages in constant dialogue to be sure the solution adds value, achieves budget savings, and enhances her clients’ ability to win cases.


Any result the lawyer or law firm may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

  • As counsel to Fortune 500 manufacturing companies facing thousands of product liability lawsuits, worked with the CMF since inception in its evolution from a system to manage documents and work product to its becoming an indispensable tool to win cases.
  • Represented a Fortune 500 manufacturing company in product liability lawsuits, including drafting answers to complaints and discovery responses, as well as handling exhibit preparation, meetings and conferences regarding exhibits, and tracking the exhibit evidence at trial.
  • Represented a Wall Street investment bank in creating a legal knowledge management system in support of its residential mortgage-backed securities litigation.