Heather has over 20 years’ experience, mainly involved in elderly client, probate and Court of Protection work. She has been a Court of Protection Panel Deputy (in cases where there was no one else suitable to act) for 14 years.


Heather carries out private and corporate client work, mainly involved in elderly client, trusts, probate and Court of Protection work. 

She has provided expert advice to institutional and other professional clients on a range of trust, probate and other issues and has received referrals from the Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian for a number of years. Heather also has useful cross-discipline experience in dealing with property matters, frequently providing legal advice to property lawyers in cases where a trust or estate has an interest in land.

Training she provides to institutional and other clients covers topics such as:

  • complex trust and probate problems
  • personal injury trusts
  • trusts of land, and
  • beneficial ownerships.