Abby assists instructing lawyers with many aspects to the litigation process. Her skill set includes document review and analysis (usually for the purpose of disclosure), knowledge regarding the redaction of third party information, collating bundles and assisting with the construction of and proof reading of witness statements. Abby has also been involved with cooperate and commercial work, including the drafting of Agreements, keeping track of the progress of 82 lenders and liaising with the client when appropriate.

Abby has substantially increased her Everlaw capabilities across all elements of the first level review process. Her skill set includes; upload and production of documents, creating and editing coding panes, assembling extensive searches for key documents, creating assignment groups and allocating batches.

Abby has also trained several new starters, ensuring they feel supported in their new role and introducing them to many of the systems that WBD use, including holding Everlaw training sessions. She has taken ownership of tasks, at times managing 4 to 5 paralegals and providing regular progress updates to her managing paralegal.

Alongside her work commitments, Abby is also a CILEx member and student currently working through the transition year to the CPQ. Abby has also been an active member of the LSConnect committee since March 2021.


Experience includes: 

  • Successfully coordinating the upload, redaction and production of 73 contracts. Quality checking all proposed redactions with managing paralegal to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Assisting with the assembling, ordering, redaction and finalisation of 14 trial bundles for a key employment case within the firm
  • Experience in drafting, amending and sending out agreements to be signed by clients. Conducting signature checks and requesting Power of Attorney documents when required
  • Involved regularly in collating key legal documents including Disclosure Lists, Chronologies and Trial Indexes.