Copyrights are a critical part of a business’s identity. Companies, publishers and authors must maintain, monetize and protect their copyrights in order to succeed in the marketplace. For many years, clients have turned to our team to protect and manage their domestic and global copyright portfolio and to ensure that their copyright assets are adequately protected.

Womble Bond Dickinson works with copyright clients in a variety of industries from digital marketing, informational services and gaming to food and beverage, packaging and retail. We utilize an international network of IP attorneys to ensure that our clients’ copyright assets are protected through registration in jurisdictions in which they do business, or anticipate doing business.

We provide a broad range legal services including:

  • Maintaining and auditing US and international copyright portfolios
  • Developing global copyright protection strategies
  • Drafting and recording copyright transfer and assignment documents
  • Responding to the United States Copyright Office
  • Resolving copyright disputes
  • Ensuring compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbor requirements and creating and managing DMCA programs
  • Providing overall intellectual property counseling, including education of internal marketing teams, developing and implementing intellectual property processes and best practices and advising on social media and internet issues
  • Negotiating publishing, derivative rights and joint authorship agreements
  • Resolving disputes between co-authors and publishers

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