Our nationally recognized environmental and toxic tort lawyers represent corporate clients in a variety of toxic tort and environmental litigation, ranging from acting as lead or local counsel in specific cases to coordinating litigation nationwide. This team also provides regulatory representation for a diverse range of industrial clients on current or potential enforcement and compliance issues.

Toxic Tort Litigation

We have defended numerous toxic tort cases concerning exposure to chemicals and environmental agents that lead to claims of personal injury (including death), medical monitoring, fear of future illness and damages to real property. These cases arise from exposure to chemicals from such diverse sources as workplaces, products, air emissions, hazardous material releases, explosions/accidents and food. The nature of these cases range from class actions to a single plaintiff. The Group has extensive experience in substantive areas of importance to toxic tort litigation such as toxicology, epidemiology, chemical fate and transport and modeling and has represented clients in cases involving various chemicals and environmental agents. We have particular experience with Agrichemical Litigation and Environmental Emergencies.

Environmental Litigation

We also engage in a wide variety of environmental litigation, including defending federal and state civil and criminal actions, defending and prosecuting private cost recovery actions and defending citizen suits.

Our lawyers have significant experience litigating environmental claims between corporations. These claims often arise as a result of disputes over contractual obligations between the parties, as well as under federal and state statutes. Our lawyers have extensive experience defending clients in matters involving hazardous substance and waste generation, chemical fate and transport, air and groundwater modeling and source determination.

We have also represented clients in numerous administrative hearings and proceedings and, when necessary, have pursued judicial review of adverse administrative decisions.

Environmental Regulatory Experience

Clients also rely on our insights on the numerous federal and state environmental regulations confronting industry. These insights are informed by decades working with and against the EPA and state agencies, and provide critical awareness of the current and future governmental regulatory initiatives and rulemakings. This team also works directly with federal and state lawmakers to resolve client issues.

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