On October 4, Womble Carlyle’s Raleigh office hosted the US Supreme Court Preview of the American Constitution Society.

The 2016 US Supreme Court term saw a number of compromise decisions while it operated without a ninth justice – including important rulings dealing with religious freedom, legislative redistricting, property rights, and free speech, among others. When the justices return for their 2017 term with a nine-member court, they will hear challenges involving President Trump’s travel ban, the warrantless use of cell phone location records, voting restrictions in Wisconsin and Ohio, and a showdown between religious freedom and LGBT rights. The US Supreme Court will add even more to the docket in the coming months.

The panel was chaired by Bill Marshall (William Rand Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina School of Law), and included Patricia Timmons-Goodson, Vice Chair of the United States Commission on Civil Rights and former Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court; Chris Brook, Director of the North Carolina ACLU, Anita Earls, Director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, and Chris Browning, former Solicitor General of North Carolina.

supreme court preview