WASHINGTON, D.C.—The downfall of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has had repercussions far beyond entertainment, as workplace sexual harassment and sexual misconduct by powerful men is front and center in the national dialogue.

After Weinstein was arrested this month on rape, sex abuse and sexual misconduct charges, Womble Bond Dickinson attorney Mark Schamel joined Daily Blast LIVE to offer a legal perspective on the charges against Weinstein. Daily Blast LIVE is a nationally televised daytime news and entertainment program.

Schamel said that Weinstein could face significant prison time if convicted.

“It’s pretty hard for me to imagine there’s a judge out there, particularly in the current atmosphere, who is going to allow somebody who has raped or sexually assaulted anyone to walk away without serving time, particularly in a high-profile case,” he tells Daily Blast LIVE.

He also said that it may be difficult for Weinstein to mount an effective defense, given how many people already have formed an opinion on the case.

“I don’t know that there’s ever been a case that kicked off a national movement like #MeToo,” Schamel said.

Click here to watch Mark Schamel discuss the Harvey Weinstein case on the May 25 edition of Daily Blast LIVE.

Mark Schamel handles bet-the company investigations and white collar criminal defense litigation. He has represented individuals in some of the largest fraud cases in history, as well as a wide array of traditional criminal cases. Mark’s practice also involves all manner of enforcement matters, including representing clients before the Securities and Exchange Commission.