The World Captive Forum is held annually in Miami at the beginning of February. This event brings together captive insurance professionals and captive owners from all over the world for education and networking. The program includes basic sessions for beginners and advanced sessions for deep dives into global captive insurance trends and developments. This year, World Captive Forum attracted 466 participants, including public company risk managers and insurance regulators from numerous U.S. states and offshore jurisdictions.  

Jeff Simpson and Brian Thomas represented WBD’s Captive Insurance team, part of the Corporate & Securities practice group and the Insurance sector team. Jeff Simpson spoke as a panelist in a session titled “Protected Cell Captives” where he discussed the legal aspects of forming and operating protected cell companies. Often analogized to condominiums, protected cell companies are captives that can be subdivided into separate units with different owners where each cell can be treated as a distinct entity for regulatory or tax purposes. Jeff’s fellow panelists were Renea Louie of Pro Group, a manager of protected cell companies, and Joe Marcantel, owner of a protected cell company called Talisman Casualty Insurance Co. 

Jeff Simpson speaks on a panel at the World Captive Forum.

Jeff Simpson speaks at the World Captive Forum.

Audience members look on during the presentation.

A close-up of the panelists discussing "Protected Cell Captives."

The camera zooms out to show audience members taking in a powerpoint presentation while the panelists discuss.

Jeff Simpson speaks with members of the audience following the presentation.