​Sweet Talks, which had a kick-off in February, are aimed to provide a platform for discussions with local Houston artists and will shed light on Houston's ongoing rotation of local artists' work on display in its office.

In March, artist Farima Fooladi joined the firm’s Houston office for a discussion of her life and work.  Partner Kevin Davis hosted this March 27 event.

Fooladi is one of the four artists selected for Womble Bond Dickinson’s initial Art & Diversity Initiative, which is curated by Patent Agent Azie Aziz.

Fooladi is a talented visual artist whose work explores themes of displacement, invasion, change and migration. Her unique perspective, shaped by her upbringing and cultural background, has resulted in a truly captivating artistic journey.

During this talk, she discussed her creative process, inspirations, and the stories behind some of her most powerful pieces. She commented that she usually started her drawing intuitively and when she got comfortable with her element, she started to challenge it in different compositions.  For example, she started to draw hairpins as a visual form that was around me all the time. Hairpins ruled her crazy curly hair! As she started to use the hairpins in her drawings, she was discovering their characteristics, it was interesting to her how their repetition could look like writing. She was attracted to their strong black metal appearance and simultaneous flexibility. She had a similar story for each element she uses in her works.

When asked how art can provide value to law firm professionals, Fooladi responded that making art is a creative process and can benefit professionals at their job (e.g., law firm). Professionals can learn from the artistic process because every day, professionals are looking for creative ways to solve problems. She added studying art can develop perceptive skills that can be used to gather information necessary to solve the problems. The artistic process also provides a framework in which to work out problems.  Art can be used as a creative therapy for stress relief. Art allows us to step away from everything we are drowning in.

When asked about the art scene in Iran, she commented conceptual art is very popular in Iran and many works of art have a tone of social and political criticism.

Farima Fooladi with members of our Houston office.Farima Fooladi and Kevin DavisFarima Fooladi and members of our Houston officeFarima Fooladi and Kevin DavisFarima Fooladi stands by her art with members of our Houston office