Powerful ideas emerge when you look at something through a completely different lens. And when two parties come together to share those unique perspectives? That’s when the magic happens.  

Womble Bond Dickinson’s virtual summit – Innovation Interchange: The Power of Cross-Industry Insight – explores emerging challenges with unique viewpoints and benchmarking best practices from industries perceived as trend-setters. For example, how are the tech and financial services sectors leveraging AI and mitigating risks without losing the benefits of innovation?

Looking for thoughtful discussions on complex legal issues - like AI, ESG, data privacy and cybersecurity - with a forward-thinking business mindset? Then Innovation Interchange is the place to be. Visit our Innovation Interchange hub to register for the Summit and access new articles and insights throughout the series.  

4.00 General credit hours pending in AL/CA/CO/DE/GA/NC/NY/SC/TN/TX/VA.


Cybersecurity Crunch: Building Data Security Programs on Limited Resources: Insights from Tech and Financial Services Industries
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET)
Data security teams are increasingly pressed with a shortage of resources and an ever-growing queue of wish-list items they would implement if those resources were available. Join industry experts with experience in the financial, technology, pharmaceutical, oil and gas sectors, and more, as they delve into the challenges of managing cybersecurity with limited budget and resources. Gain valuable strategies and best practices to enhance your data security program and prioritize key initiatives in the face of constraints.

Driving Sustainable Growth: ESG Metrics Guidance from Energy and Technology Sectors
12:15 - 1:15 PM (ET)
Join us for a panel discussion on the importance of ESG metrics in driving sustainable growth led by Energy & Natural Resources and Technology sector leaders who are paving the way. Discover best practices for establishing effective ESG metrics and how organizations can leverage these standards to enhance performance and meet stakeholder expectations. We’ll discuss the evolving landscape of ESG reporting, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities faced by companies in sectors with significant environmental and social impacts.

Data Dilemma: How Retail and Automotive Sectors Navigate Data at the Crossroads of Innovation and Compliance 
1:30 - 2:30 PM (ET)
Industries ranging from retail to automotive to healthcare store and utilize data in a myriad of ways. Consumers increasingly push for more ownership over data, complicating the regulatory and compliance landscape.  How are businesses pursuing innovations in data storage and utilization while also addressing data governance and compliance mandates?

AI Governance Imperative: How Industry Leaders are Tackling AI Governance Policy and Why it Matters 
2:45 - 3:45 PM (ET)
Exploring the intersections of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and emerging AI innovations, this panel discussion delves into the strategic transformation businesses must undertake in the face of rapid technological advancement. Join industry leaders in discussing the opportunities and challenges of the generative AI era and receive practical guidance on maintaining compliance with ever-evolving regulations through a robust AI governance policy.