Our privacy and cybersecurity attorneys bring a blend of practical experience, transatlantic perspective, and innovative solutions to help our clients thrive in the modern data economy and connected world.  We help navigate the evolving privacy and cybersecurity legal landscape, keep pace with emerging technologies and cyberthreats, and zealously defend our clients in disputes over privacy concerns or cybersecurity incidents.

Chaired by a board certified specialist in Privacy and Information Security Law, the Privacy and Cybersecurity Team at Womble Bond Dickinson leverages deep knowledge and experience across the broad spectrum of privacy and cybersecurity legal issues.  We have advised organizations across industry sectors – from innovative tech start-ups to global retail brands and heavily regulated healthcare and financial institutions.

 In particular, our areas of focus include the following:

Data Collection and Management

Data Breach and Cybersecurity Risk

Privacy by Design and Data Analytics

Europe’s GDPR and Cross-Border Issues

Financial Privacy and Payment Data

Workplace Privacy

Student and Children's Privacy

Online Privacy and Digital Advertising

Cybersecurity and Privacy Disputes

Healthcare Privacy


Cybercrime and Government Investigations

Regulation and enforcement of privacy and cybersecurity matters have grown precipitously as government authorities respond to new technologies, privacy concerns, and cyberattacks.  Companies today are facing new compliance obligations, greater legal uncertainty, and increasing liability and business risk. We help our clients comply with evolving local, federal, and global privacy regulations; implement privacy by design and best practices; and resolve legal demands and privacy litigation – while also making the most of their data assets and business opportunities.  Equally adept at cybersecurity issues and incident response, we help clients implement a comprehensive approach to minimize legal and business risk through preparedness, timely and effective response to data breaches and, when necessary, skillfully defend against related lawsuits and government actions.

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