WASHINGTON, D.C.—Back in May, Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney John Garziglia predicted the FCC may not do anything substantive to change radio station ownership rules. Sure enough, the FCC followed that course of inaction.

At Radio Ink, Garziglia wrote in May, “If the FCC does nothing, the Court may seriously consider extreme measures, with such extreme measures ranging from throwing out all of the FCC’s broadcast station ownership rules (which would send public interest groups into apoplexy) to ruling that the Commission is prohibited from taking any regulatory actions in which the ownership rules are implicated (which would kill almost all broadcast station transactional activity), or both.”

The New Jersey Broadcasters Association wrote about Garziglia’s predictionin its Quick News newsletter, writing, “NJBA attorney John Garziglia predicted the FCC might just take the easy way out and basically do nothing to the ownership rules. And, for sure, The Commission did nearly exactly what Garziglia opined last month.”

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