The FCC’s upcoming FM translator window is the hot topic facing the radio industry this summer. Womble Carlyle Telecom attorney Gregg Skall takes a look at the upcoming FM translator window in his latest “FCC Uncensored” column for "All Access."

The translator window, intended for Class C and D AM stations, takes place from July 26-Aug. 2. In this article, Skall examines such issues as:

  • The window itself. Skall writes, “Since these applications will be for totally new translators, the Commission has had to establish a procedure for resolution of mutually exclusive applications, and it chose to use its well established auction process. Before resorting to an auction, however, mutually exclusive applicants will have an opportunity to negotiate and settle their conflicting applications.”
  • Who can file. For example, stations that obtained a translator in the previous 250-mile move-in waiver windows may not participate in this round of applications.
  • How will mutual exclusivity questions be settled?
  • What about stations in the process of being bought or sold?

Skall concludes by saying, “So the starting gate has been defined, and the most important thing to do at this point is to get your engineering analysis started and develop a strategy for applying for the best FM frequency that will survive and not be subject to competing applications.”

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Gregg Skall represents broadcasters and other parties in their regulatory dealings before the Federal Communications Commission and in their commercial business dealings. He serves as Washington Counsel to several state broadcaster associations. He also works with telecommunications companies and with radio device manufacturers to obtain FCC approvals.