Twenty years ago, Jennifer Collins became the first graduate of Georgia Tech University’s Minor in Law, Science and Technology (LST) program. The LST program has become a major success, with hundreds of students taking advantage of the opportunity to study at the intersection of law, science and technology.

Now a Womble Bond Dickinson Partner, Collins said her undergraduate background has been invaluable as a complex commercial litigation attorney. Georgia Tech recently spotlighted Collins on the 20th anniversary of the LST program.

“Coming out of college, my minor highlighted that I had already committed to a legal career and gotten additional exposure that would better help me jump on the learning curve,” she said.

Collins subsequently graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law and joined Womble Bond Dickinson in 2006. 

“Being around lawyers and discussing the interplay of law with how everything works in the world ahead, you get a peek behind the curtain,” Collins said. “You see how lawyers use their presentation skills to educate and advocate, how they can exude confidence and humbleness. You can see that law practice is hard but can be really rewarding. These are nuances that, looking back, really started carving the outline for my career, and I have the LST program to thank for that.”

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