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A Dream or a Nightmare? Who pays in a world without student loans?

Aug 14 2019
So how would colleges and universities operate in a world where students potentially no longer have easy (or any) access to student loans? No one knows exactly, but one thing is sure: institutions that implement a strategy to deal with possible changes now will have a leg up when those changes come to fruition.

The Uncertain Future of Patent Eligibility

Aug 01 2019
For many companies in many industries, patents are an important tool for driving innovation. At the same time, patents limit competition, so that companies must also be wary of their competitors’ patent portfolios. The result is that for many companies it is important to understand whether inventions are entitled to patent protection.

Pete Bromaghim in IP Watchdog: “Play Gloria!”—A Confusing Trademark Face-Off Between a Bar and the Blues

Jul 26 2019
Jacks NYB claims it owns trademark rights to the phrase “Play Gloria!”; they not only filed trademark applications for the phrase, but sent demand letters asserting their rights. It’s a move that feels a little too straight out of the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And like most other IP disputes that manage to reach the sports-channel crawl, it is rooted in some basic misunderstandings about the nature of trademarks.
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