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Brexit: IoT to the rescue?

Nov 17 2017
For retailers, speed and efficiency in supply chains are paramount. With the possibility of a "hard" or "no deal" Brexit, retailers must adapt to a new operating environment. The UK government is exploring the potential for highly streamlined technology-based procedures to preserve frictionless borders. The Internet of Things (IoT) could play an important role, but also comes with a range of legal implications.

Keeping Trade Secrets Out of Patents

Nov 08 2017
Trade secret and patent laws both provide intellectual property protection but have conflicting requirements that can impose challenges for a company seeking to maximize its protection under each right.

Willful Infringement, Opinion Letters, & Post-Halo Trends

Oct 09 2017
This short article aims to review recent trends in findings of willful patent infringement and enhanced damages, both in volume of motions made and the success rate of those motions. However, to appreciate current trends since the Supreme Court handed down Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc., a brief historical review is helpful.

Timing And Buildout Considerations in Lease LOIs

Oct 06 2017
Letters of intent (LOI) for leasing space may not be binding contractual documents, but they can set the stage for smooth lease negotiations which result in fewer legal costs, and save you money in the long term by forcing you to consider your needs and plans.

GovTech M&A:

Oct 02 2017
An ever-growing demand for cyber and data security, coupled with a drive for analytics and intelligence, is pushing buyers to rapidly seek innovative GovTech companies for purchase. GovTech companies who have taken necessary measures to protect their intellectual property assets, and who can demonstrate an ability to monetize such assets, are receiving considerable attention from prospective buyers.