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GDPR Compliance Task Force

Jun 06 2018
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation went into effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR replaced the EU Data Protection Directive. GDPR can apply to US-based businesses even if they do not have offices or employees in the EU. It can also reach activities conducted outside the EU.

Brexit and Beyond: Trademark Protection Strategies in an Uncertain Global Marketplace

Aug 05 2020
The unprecedented challenges posted by the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies and their in-house legal teams to temporarily shelve their Brexit preparations in order to deal with the immediate threats posed by the pandemic. While COVID-19 remains an ongoing and serious concern for US operations, companies that also do business in the UK also need to put Brexit planning for their trademark portfolio back on the agenda. Having declined to request a further extension, the UK is set to exit the European Union on Dec. 31. Businesses need to prepare now in order to protect their trademarks in an uncertain global market.

Offshore Wind Overview: Economic Growth Opportunity and Environmental, Permitting and Financing Challenges

Jul 23 2020
Few industries have the growth potential to match that of the offshore wind industry. A March 2020 report by the American Wind Energy Association found that by 2030, the US offshore wind industry is expected to account for 20,000-30,000 megawatts of clean energy capacity, between $28 billion and $57 billion of investments in the US economy, and as many as 83,000 American jobs.

An Invisible Shield: States Begin Enacting COVID-19 Liability Protections

Jul 20 2020
Although top officials in the U.S. Senate have insisted that liability protections are a top priority for future COVID-19 relief legislation from the federal government, the current onus remains on the states to limit liability and provide COVID-19-related protections to healthcare services and business entities. As a result, in the absence of federal protections, states across the country are beginning to pass legislation that provides liability protections for companies and healthcare providers against COVID-19-related lawsuits. These “liability shields” are intended to provide certain immunities from liability claims regarding COVID-19 and prevent lawsuits brought by people who contract the virus under a specific set of circumstances.

Key Developments in US Sanctions

Jul 15 2020
Global supply chains have been greatly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, sending companies scrambling to find both new sources of supplies and new customers for their products. But even as businesses struggle to find their footing in this new international marketplace, they also must be aware of US sanctions. Aggressive enforcement of US sanctions programs continues, even in the COVID-19 environment, and companies face increasing pressure to perform robust due diligence on their counterparties to reduce the risks of sanctions non-compliance.

More for Your Money – Cost Savings on UK/EU Trademark Protection

Jul 09 2020
In the current climate, we understand that businesses are looking to make cost savings while maximizing the return on their spend. Here are some simple measures that organizations should explore to make the most of their funds when it comes to trademark management in the United Kingdom and European Union.

Privilege Log Considerations and Best Practices for Complex Litigation

Jun 25 2020
Privilege logs are often considered back-burner items in complex litigation and not addressed until discovery deadlines draw near. However, paying attention to privilege logs early on can be a hidden factor in in a successful litigation effort, helping to strengthen a team’s case while also keeping costs in check. The key to making privilege logs work for you and your clients is to start considering them at the outset of the case. Litigators should carefully consider what information to include on a privilege log and how to set up and organize the log.

Business Interruption Coverage, OSHA Issues & Workers’ Compensation Issues in the COVID-19 Era

May 15 2020
When things are going well, insurance coverage, workers’ compensation and OSHA compliance may not be front-burner issues for companies. But in the COVID-19 environment, such “rainy day” topics are top of mind concerns of company leaders and their legal counsel. On May 8, Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Cal Adams, Mason Freeman, Rachel Keen, Jonathan Reich and Gemma Saluta conducted a webinar on what business leaders need to know about workers’ compensation, insurance coverage and OSHA regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic and related shutdown/reopening period. While the webinar discussion focused on North Carolina businesses, many of the topics discussed are applicable to companies operating in many states.

Employment Considerations for Returning to Work

May 14 2020
Employment law poses some of the most important compliance issues for businesses and their in-house counsel under the best of circumstances. During a pandemic, these issues become heightened. On May 13, Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Mark Henriques, Beth Tyner Jones and Richard Rainey held a webinar discussion on employment considerations as companies reopen for business.

Nicholas Hawkins and Rose Smalley in Law360: Coronavirus-Related TM Filings Will Face Registration Hurdles

May 11 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic shutdown has impacted the daily lives of nearly every person on the planet. So it isn’t surprising that trademark offices across the globe have seen a number of filings to protect terms relating to “COVID” and “Coronavirus”. Womble Bond Dickinson attorneys Nicholas Hawkins (US) and Rose Smalley (UK) take a transatlantic look at these pending applications in a new article published by Law360.