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Brexit: Trick or Treat?

Apr 11 2019
The risk of a "no deal" Brexit on April 12th has been averted by the EU Council's offer to extend the Article 50 deadline to October 31, 2019.

BREXIT: Can "EXIT DAY" Be Changed in Time?

Mar 22 2019
On March 21st the European Council agreed to extend the UK's Article 50 notice period, until May 22nd if the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration (WA) is approved by the House of Commons before March 29th; or Until April 12th if the WA is not approved.

Brexit: The Long Goodbye?

Mar 15 2019
The Parliamentary week began with a stark choice between the UK government's Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration (WA) and a "no deal" Brexit. The week has ended with no real change.
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