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Brexit: Are We Back to "No Deal or "No Brexit"?

May 28 2019
On May 24th the Prime Minister conceded that her efforts to secure Parliamentary approval of the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration (WA) signed off in November 2018 have failed. Publication of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill has been delayed, and it seems unlikely that the Bill will be brought to the House of Commons for its second reading, with or without the ten point offer set out in the Prime Minister's speech of May 21st. The Prime Minister's concession, together with the results of the European Parliament elections, now point towards a stark choice between "no deal" and "no Brexit".

Brexit: Trick or Treat?

Apr 11 2019
The risk of a "no deal" Brexit on April 12th has been averted by the EU Council's offer to extend the Article 50 deadline to October 31, 2019.
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