Agile, experienced, and aggressive - we have the team you’re looking for when your reputation is on the line.

We defend corporations and individuals at every stage of criminal investigations and trials but understand the importance of stopping prosecutions before they result in charges. From the initial stages of criminal investigations to whistleblower controversies, we work with companies to resolve issues and prevent indictment. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome as quickly as possible.

We do not shy away from defending our clients at trial either. Our clients know that if criminal charges are filed we will aggressively defend their interests. And with decades of experience and thousands of trial hours, our lawyers thrive in the courtroom. We have argued cases in federal and state courts across the country. We are also experienced in handling post-conviction matters in the various federal and state appellate courts. Whether through obtaining a dismissal of the charges or, if that is not possible, by winning acquittal, our focus is earning you the best possible result.

We defend clients facing all manner of white collar criminal charges. From cybercrime and healthcare to government contract and bank fraud, we are an experienced criminal defense team. We bring significant experience in tax and securities fraud and FCPA investigations, as well as all manner of administrative proceedings. We regularly include subject matter experts across the firm in our defense team.

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