Case Management Facility


The Case Management Facility (CMF) is the pioneer of innovative and cost-effective approaches to managing multi-jurisdictional high-stakes litigation.

The CMF has been involved in the most significant product liability litigation of the last decade, and CMF attorneys and paraprofessionals have more than 25 years of experience in managing complex litigation.

We currently represent companies in the Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Financial Times Global 50. As a result, we understand the costs and risks of litigation and realize the challenges of working in multiple jurisdictions opposite a well-funded plaintiff’s bar. Our attorneys develop alternative fee arrangements, project litigation costs based on similar cases, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of certain approaches, including motion practice, and establish defense budgets. We have worked alongside and shared information with numerous litigation support providers, including court reporters, medical record collection and analysis companies, fact investigators, and scanning and copy services. We ensure that our clients make the best use of the services of each law firm and vendor, and those synergies are captured throughout the defense team.

The CMF manages case knowledge. We work with our clients to build an online file cabinet of correspondence, pleadings, transcripts, exhibits, research memoranda, and other attorney work product. The online file cabinet serves as the foundation for CMF attorneys to provide the “big picture” perspective, and layer on their experience for trend-spotting, project management, and benchmarking in accordance with business goals. Litigation cannot be effectively managed without a clear definition of success. We deliver successful results in the most efficient way for our clients -- however they define a win.

Our experienced professionals create streamlined workflow processes, utilizing technology at every step to avoid redundancy and duplication and to optimize communication. We have worked with various technology vendors, but do not have a financial interest in any technology company. We offer a blend of legal, technical and strategic best practices to ensure consistency, efficacy, and efficiency.

What case management will do for you:


  • Standardize early case assessment process, and categorize cases and plaintiffs for risk assessment
  • Quantify the number of plaintiffs represented by the same counsel and measure exposure by alleged harm— for example, personal injury, economic loss, shareholder derivative action, government investigations
  • Predict costs by various measures, including region, counsel, discovery deadlines, and statutes of limitation.


  • Serve as a resource, working for in-house counsel and alongside national coordinating counsel firm(s)
  • Maximize efficiencies afforded by coordinated proceedings, e.g., direct service of process to CMF, guarantee the coordinating court is timely notified of tag-along matters in multi-district litigation
  • Monitor class allegations and certification status
  • Control access to materials as appropriate
  • Assure company witness preparation and testimony is focused and controlled.


  • Tell you what business-critical litigation information to track and when
  • Provide online internet-based access to information, materials, and work product you and your lawyers need
  • Run standard and customized reports
  • Answer questions about the number of cases, the type, the status, the jurisdiction
  • House all exhibit-related information and provide prior use history so that exhibit use is consistent
  • Extract key issue testimony across transcripts and witness type
  • Ensure consistent answers/responses to pleadings/discovery and generate templates for routine filings.